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The journey of Campus Onboard
towards digital excellence

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​At WebWave360, we are passionate about transforming businesses and helping them achieve their digital aspirations. One such success story is Campus Onboard, an EdTech company that specializes in assisting students in their journey to enrol in prestigious Indian and foreign universities.

The institute's vision was to establish a formidable online presence, generate more leads, and position itself at the forefront of the education industry. Here's how WebWave360 made that vision a reality through strategic designing and compelling content creation.


Branding Style Identity

The Challenges

⦿  Inconsistent visual identity and messaging

⦿  Lack of a cohesive brand strategy

Our Solutions

⦿  Developed a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity

⦿  Standardized brand guidelines for consistent messaging across all platforms

Social Media Management

⦿  Infrequent and unengaging posts

⦿  Limited audience reach and interaction

⦿  Created a strategic content calendar with engaging posts for Instagram and Facebook

⦿  Managed paid advertising campaigns to boost reach and interaction

Digital Marketing

⦿  Ineffective digital marketing strategies

⦿  Low conversion rates from paid campaigns

⦿  Implemented targeted digital marketing strategies to increase conversions

⦿  Optimized paid campaigns for better performance and ROI

Website & SEO

⦿  Unorganized and unoptimized content

⦿  Low search engine rankings

⦿  Poor user engagement and high bounce rates

⦿  Optimized website content for clarity and engagement

⦿  Improved user experience and reduced bounce rates

⦿  Conducted thorough keyword research and on-page optimization

LinkedIn Profile

⦿  Underutilized and unoptimized LinkedIn presence

⦿  Missed opportunities for professional networking and lead generation

⦿  Optimized & active LinkedIn profile

⦿  Leveraged professional networking for lead generation

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Social Media
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The efforts & outcomes

​The collaboration between Campus Onboard and WebWave360 has been a remarkable success story. With a strategically redesigned brand identity, engaging content, an enhanced website, improved SEO rankings, and powerful marketing materials, Campus Onboard achieved a stunning online presence that generated leads and placed them at the top of their industry.

Today, Campus Onboard is celebrated as a leader in the EdTech sector, and their transformation exemplifies the potential of strategic collaboration between forward-thinking businesses and digital experts like WebWave360.

If you're ready to elevate your online presence, connect with your audience, and achieve industry leadership, we invite you to contact us. Your success story could be the next one we create together.

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