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Redefined content, digital marketing, SEO, and social media for Suvarna Saubhagya Utsav

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Suvarna Saubhagya Utsav, a prominent jewellery event company in India, hosts a grand 3-month event annually. During this event, customers can purchase jewellery from participating jewellers and receive coupons for a chance to win extravagant prizes such as cars, bikes, iPhones, and laptops.


To elevate their digital identity, reach the relevant audience, and enhance their marketing efforts, Suvarna Saubhagya Utsav partnered with WebWave360 for a comprehensive digital transformation. Our services included website design, brand style guide creation, content writing, SEO, social media management, and Meta Ads.


Website Design

The Challenges

⦿  The existing website was not visually appealing or user-friendly, leading to high bounce rates

⦿  It lacked essential functionalities to effectively showcase event details and engage visitors

Our Solutions

⦿  Designed a visually appealing website to showcase event details and engage visitors

⦿  Enhanced the overall user experience to reduce bounce rates and increase participation

Brand Style Guide

⦿  Suvarna Saubhagya Utsav did not have a consistent and cohesive brand identity

⦿  The lack of a unified brand style guide led to mixed messaging and visual inconsistencies

⦿  Developed a comprehensive brand style guide to ensure consistent messaging and visual identity across all platforms

⦿  Established brand guidelines for logo usage, color schemes, typography, and imagery

Content Writing

⦿  The website content was not captivating or specific enough to effectively communicate the event's value and excitement

⦿  The content lacked the necessary keywords to improve search engine visibility

⦿  Developed compelling and informative website content that effectively communicates the event's value and excitement

⦿  Implemented SEO-friendly content to improve search engine visibility and attract more visitors


⦿  The website had poor search engine visibility, resulting in minimal organic traffic and limited online presence

⦿  Conducted thorough keyword research and on-page optimization to improve search engine rankings

⦿  Implemented off-page SEO strategies, including backlink building from reputable sources

Social Media Management

⦿  Their social media presence was inconsistent, with low engagement and reach

⦿  The content was not effectively resonating with their target audience

⦿  Developed a content calendar with engaging and relevant posts, including reels, for platforms like Instagram and Facebook

⦿  Implemented targeted social media campaigns to increase audience engagement and expand reach

Meta Ads

⦿  The Meta advertising efforts were not generating sufficient leads or conversions, resulting in low ROI

⦿  Designed and executed targeted Meta advertising campaigns to maximize click-through rates and conversions

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Social Media

Digital transformation of
Suvarna Saubhagya Utsav

Suvarna Saubhagya Utsav's digital presence went from lackluster to lustrous thanks to WebWave360! Their website makeover isn't just a pretty face – it keeps visitors engaged.


A clear brand voice now shines through every platform, thanks to a unified style guide. Content that both captivates and gets found in search engines has drawn in new crowds, showcasing the event's true value.


SEO strategies have them ranking higher than ever, attracting organic traffic like moths to a flame. Social media management has expanded their reach and turned followers into friends.


Finally, targeted ads that convert like magic have resulted in a surge of leads and a skyrocketing ROI. It's safe to say Suvarna Saubhagya Utsav and WebWave360 are a match made in digital marketing heaven.

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