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Redefined content, digital marketing, SEO, and social media for Saarthi Education

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Saarthi Education Foundation (SEF) leverages the power of a strong digital presence in today's information-driven world. To expand their reach and empower students with the knowledge to navigate international education, SEF partners with WebWave360.


This collaboration utilizes WebWave360's expertise in digital marketing and social media to boost SEF's online visibility and connect with aspiring students globally. Through this strategic partnership, SEF aims to become the ultimate resource for students seeking a smooth path towards their dream universities.


Website Content Writing

The Challenges

⦿  lacked compelling and informative content to attract and retain visitors

⦿  did not effectively highlight their expertise and success stories

Our Solutions

⦿  Created compelling and informative website content

⦿  Highlights Saarthi Education’s expertise and success stories

Off-Page SEO

⦿  Lack of off-page SEO

⦿  Missing keywords in the content

⦿  Limited organic reach

⦿  SEO-optimized content to improve search engine visibility

⦿  Started Quora posting for off-page optimization

Social Media Management

⦿  Low audience engagement and interaction

⦿  Inconsistent content publishing

⦿  Developed a strategic content calendar with engaging posts

⦿  Implemented targeted social media campaigns to increase audience engagement and reach

Paid Advertising

⦿  Efforts were not yielding the desired results

⦿  Low click-through rates and conversions.

⦿  Designed and executed targeted paid advertising campaigns

⦿  Utilized data-driven strategies to refine and improve ad performance

LinkedIn Profile Creation & Management

⦿  Lack of activity on LinkedIn

⦿  Missed opportunities for professional networking and lead generation

⦿  Optimized the company’s LinkedIn profile to improve visibility and networking opportunities

⦿  Shared valuable content to position Saarthi Education as a thought leader in the industry

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Saarthi MBBS snap WebWave360.jpg
Social Media
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Social Media
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Transformation of Saarthi Education:
The endgame and impact

Since partnering with WebWave360, Saarthi Education has seen a remarkable transformation in their digital presence. The newly developed website content has significantly improved user engagement and effectively showcases their expertise.


Robust off-page SEO strategies have boosted search engine rankings, leading to increased organic traffic. Strategic social media management has expanded their reach and enhanced audience interaction. Optimized paid advertising campaigns have driven higher click-through rates and conversions.


Enhanced LinkedIn profile optimization has positioned Saarthi Education as a thought leader, generating valuable leads and networking opportunities.

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